Health centers in and around mbarara

Health is one of the lacking areas in Uganda and in Mbarara.There are very few health institutions in Mbarara compared to the population in Mbarara.

Thanks to the private sector for having contributed significantly to the health in Uganda.

Mbarara is home to the regional referral hospital which is found on Mbarara-Kabale high way.Mbarara referral hospital is a government hospital and provides many services including theater and Laboratory that are at a standard level.

The hospital receives close to 500 patients every day. The hospital is just close to Mbarara University of Science and Technology. This gives it another advantage as there are student doctors who boast the hospital’s staff.

The hospital just like many other hospitals in Uganda does not have enough facilities. There are long queues on all departments of the hospital throughout the day.

For those who are above average and do not want to queue, the private sector is their choice.

There are various private hospitals in Mbarara. These include: Homely Medical Center, International Medical Center, Community Health Clinic, Byamaka Pharmacy etc.These offer relatively better services since they are commercial but do not have as much resources as Mbarara referral hospital.

There are also various pharmacies along the streets of Mbarara.

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